How Does Design Uplift Memory Care Patients?

As U.S. residents age, more and more of them have issues with their memory and are plagued by diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In many circumstances, family members cannot care for those with memory issues and have to find a care facility with consistent care.

While these moves can be met with anger and dread by those with memory care issues, there are places dedicated to those with memory needs.

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The Memory Center is devoted to those with memory care issues, unlike other facilities with a wing dedicated to those with memory problems.

Local Memory Care Facility Designed with a Human Approach:

The Memory Care Center has developed an architectural approach to help residents feel like they are outside or in a town center.

First, keeping residents safe and highlighting their quality of life is the top priority. Some of the top amenities include:

  • No slip flooring. This includes cushioned flooring to reduce the sound of wheelchairs and footsteps.
  • Garden areas that are tranquil and can remind residents of their home gardens.
  • Private rooms and spaces that are comforting and feel like home and their own space with personal objects like photos, comforters, and things that bring them comfort.
  • A city within the community. It may include movie theaters, libraries, activity centers, and a corner pub.

As our elderly age, we want the best for them and to give them comfort in their final years. When looking for a residential community, look for those with the most to offer for those with memory issues.