Important Tips for Cleaning Your Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are the best match if you want to add ambiance to your kitchen. Granite is one of the best materials in the market due to its benefits, such as damage and scratch resistance. It has heat-resistant and porous properties, hence its ability to absorb liquids. Once you install granite countertops, you should take care of them by regularly cleaning them.

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You can use different approaches to clean the granite countertops to prevent damage. Here are some important tips for cleaning your granite countertops.

You should remove everything placed on these countertops, move them to another surface in the kitchen and use a sponge to brush away particles left. The next step should be scrubbing the surfaces, and you should use a little soap and water. Scrub using a sponge; you should avoid using abrasive pads as they can scratch the surface. You should also avoid using any acidic liquid, vinegar, or bleach, as they can cause dullness on the granite surface. If an area is sticky, use more energy and scrub for a while for the stains to end the stains. If there are stubborn sticky areas, you can use a razor blade to remove the stickiness and ensure the entire blade lays well on the countertop to avoid cutting the granite countertops. After rinsing off the soap, you can disinfect the surface using alcohol and water.