Customized Jewelry vs. Mass-Manufactured The Differences Explained

customized jewelry


When purchasing fine jewelry, you are making a sizable investment and it only follows that you want your piece of jewelry to be just right. One way to get exactly what you are looking for is to go the route of custom made jewelry. This video from Fire and Brilliance takes you through the various differences between buying customized jewelry, as opposed to mass-manufactured pieces.

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The video explains that the main differences are broken down into several categories: uniqueness, cost, and timeline.

1. Uniquness

The difference here is that you may be searching for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry, and you may find something that is close to what you want. This is where customized jewelry can offer you the uniqueness of your own personalized design.

2. Cost

Another major difference is the cost of the piece. By mass manufacturing, the cost of production is reduced making many items all at once. This means the price for you will be lower. Custom jewelry though, as you can imagine, is more costly due to the design process and having it made by hand.

3. Timeline

Finally, a ready-made piece of jewelry is going to be ready right away, whereas a custom design will be more of a time commitment. The design, approval, and manufacturing of a custom piece can take several weeks. But in the end, you won’t have to settle for a piece that just isn’t quite right.