What Goes Into Being a Kubota Dealer?


Have you ever heard of Kubota? You should probably know the company if you are in the agricultural machine maintenance and repair business. The video provides a summary of what it takes to become a Kubota dealer and repair center.

Kubota is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of compact tractors, lawnmowers, and diesel engines. Its products are known for their design, sophistication, and ease of use.

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For your shop to become a Kubota dealer or repair center, you must become certified. A Kubota certification is based on a points system. There are up to 30 different criteria you must meet to pass. If you meet or exceed the required points, your dealership will get a better deal on the parts and warranties you can offer your customers. You will also be able to make this certification part of your marketing campaign. You can use it to show potential customers that you are serious about repairing their Kubota machinery.

You will also be able to send your technicians through advanced courses, and you will have greater access to the online resources of the company. Many dealers can claim to repair Kubota machines, but you will actually be certified to do it. Now you know what it takes to become a Kubota dealer.