Pick the Right Solar Contractor with These Tips


Solar panel installation on your home is not a do-it-yourself project. For the job, you’ll need a qualified contractor. Here are some pointers to help you find the best solar installation contractor.

You must obtain quotes from multiple companies before deciding on one. It is advisable to ask questions to see how competent your potential solar contractor is. During this time, you should also pay attention to how well they respond to your inquiries, their general attitude, level of helpfulness, and sincerity.

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A general contractor’s license is required to ensure they meet the standards and are qualified to offer solar installation services. You should request the company’s license number for verification because many states allow you to check licenses online. Some online license databases may only provide basic information, such as whether or not a license is current and valid. Others, such as California, provide more detailed information, such as license violations.

Be wary of new solar companies that have only been operating for a few years. Experienced companies are preferable not only because they are more likely to be highly proficient, but they are also likely to be in business years later if you require warranty service.