How to Emboss Sheet Metal Using a Press Form


Metal embossing is utilized in imparting designs on metal sheets. Through the embossed clamped design, the metal is pressed using an embossing tool to obtain a raised effect on the metal’s opposite side. Embossed sheeting metals are helpful in decorating. Magnesium, brass, and copper are the three common metals used in the embossed clamped design. The image’s shape, texture to be achieved, and the run’s length influence the choice of metal.

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Four significant steps are involved in the embossed clamp design process. First, the design is transferred to the metal sheet, where an individual prints or draws the designs on a piece of paper, then tapes the metal sheet’s edges to the piece of paper. Placing the tape on every side prevents slipping off the page. Utilizing the stylus, an interested user traces over the template’s lines and uses minimal pressure.
Once pressed, the paper and tape are removed from the metal sheet, and then a stylus deepens the lines on the metal sheet. However, you do that according to your preferences. To achieve deeper lines, you can use high pressure. You can then fill the lines with the embossed tool.