What Is a C14 Power Cord?


Power cords are integral to our lives now. At home, they keep our televisions running. In the tech industry, they store data and keep our information secure. Here are some things to know about the c14 power cord when you’re in the market.

Cables and power cords are often color0coded in order to help you distinguish between many cords. This is most helpful in a large database when you have many different cords with many different uses. It’s also helpful in your home, where you might have a cluttered mess of black cables. You don’t want to unplug the wrong thing and accidentally lose precious information.

Larger servers can be color-coded with these cords. These cables come in red, blue, green, and white with high contrast so you can immediately tell which cable is assigned to which function. With the c14 and c19 connectors, you can be sure that your data at home and in the office will remain secure.

Watch this video to learn a little bit more about cords and their functions. These cords will make your organization a lot easier. Look out for c14 power cords when you’re in the market for new cables in the home or office.