Building a Minecraft Server for $50


Minecraft has taken the world by storm these past few years. Even if you have no idea what Minecraft is, you would probably recognize a creeper from all of the children dressed as them for Halloween last year. Minecraft has taken over our stores, our computers, and our public consciousness. In fact, thousands of people are investing in Minecraft server hosting services to get their own servers personal servers off the ground. While many go with the large companies, what would it take to build your own dedicated Minecraft server? Well, this video claims you can make your own Minecraft server for as little as $50.

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The key to making your own Minecraft server is finding an old system to host on. You can either stop by any store that sells old tech or even find system for free at recycling plants. From there, you need only install some Minecraft software directly from the site in order to transform the old system. Some coding is required to finish, but once the server is up and running, you can easily troubleshoot. From there, you can invite all your friends to join you on your lag-free budget-friendly Minecraft server!