Fire Sprinkler System Layout Examples You Should Check Out


A fire sprinkler system is important to keep the information and products in your business safe. And the reason that there are professional fire system designers is that the layout can really affect if a fire grows or if it is put out. It’s not enough to simply put up some sprinklers. Keep reading to learn about these systems. In this video are some professional fire sprinkler system layout examples.

First the roof and ceilings will need to be looked at. Once the space available is determined, the company can move on to creating the structure for the fire sprinklers.

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They’ll determine the number of branch lines depending on the space and the materials in the room.

Along with that, they’ll determine the space that is needed between the sprinklers. This is all calculated with a specific formula. The layout will differ depending on the size and shape of the room. These calculations take those features into account when setting up the sprinklers.

They’ll do the last check to make sure every part of the room is covered before they go about installation. Talk to a professional sprinkler system company today about the needs of your business.