Key Questions to Ask a Family Law Firm

Before you separate from a spouse or partner and go through the breakdown of a relationship, you should consult multiple family law firms to ensure that your interests are represented from the start of this process to the end of it. According to the video listed here, you should keep several questions in mind when seeking a family law firm and not be afraid to ask them about any potential matches for your needs. As with hiring someone for an important job, it’s wise to interview lawyers or family law firms that seem like a good fit on paper before you commit to them.

Before you schedule a consultation with a law firm, always ask how much it costs.

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Most lawyers provide a free fifteen-minute consultation at the bare minimum, but some may expect you to pay for a longer consultation. You should also ask what their retainer fee is, what their rates are, and whether they are open to doing pro-bono work if you’re financially strapped for cash. Additionally, you’ll want to ask questions about whether they’ve handled similar cases to yours and what outcomes they may expect in your case. If you want a specific outcome, you should ask if they think it’s realistic and if they’d be willing to help you achieve it.