What Does a Vision Therapist Do?


Optometrists use the term “vision therapy.” Vision therapy, according to optometrists, is an effort to enhance visual comfort, ease, and efficiency as well as alter visual processing or interpretation of visual information.

The exercises in an optometric vision rehabilitation program are done at home and in the doctor’s office under supervision over the course of several weeks or months. In addition to exercises, balancing boards, electronic targets, patches, prisms, filters, and training glasses may be employed.

Vision therapists help people a lot. An abundance of academic research has shown that among kids with dyslexia, ocular motility, coordination, and visual processing are all typical.

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Vision therapists assess and treat people of all ages, education levels, and health.

It is appropriate to have a thorough eye exam performed by an ophthalmologist with experience in the evaluation and treatment of children to make sure there are no eye or vision disorders, as some of these kids may also have treatable visual issues in addition to their primary reading or learning issue.

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