How to Find the Best Sales on Home Supplies

sales on home supplies

You bought land and are ready to build a family home to join the homeowners club. Should you let the contractors source the home supplies for you? According to comments in BiggerPockets from several property owners, you deny yourself the cost-saving opportunity by allowing the contractor to source the supplies. So, here is how to find the best sales on home supplies.

Roofing Materials

The nearest hardware store may have various roofing materials. But the best step is to focus on the roofing supplier rather than the hardware stores. Hardware stores carry a limited amount of roofing materials. And considering they are small stores, you wouldn’t find impressive sales on home supplies.

The best way to find roofing suppliers is by performing an online search. You will have a chance to compare different prices and material quality rather than visiting each supplier at a time. Also, word of mouth remains the most used strategy for finding roofing suppliers. So, if you are lucky to mingle with professionals from a local roofing company, they can refer you to the best supplier.

Roofing suppliers stock several roofing items. In fact, you will have a chance to purchase all the roofing supplies from one roofing supplier. You will get the best deals from bulk purchases and free or less costly transport. Finding a trusted roofing supplier will also benefit you by receiving manufacturing warranties and the best advice on roofing materials.

Landscaping Supplies

Landscaping comes when the project is almost complete. The challenge with landscaping materials is that thousands of material types are in the market. You will get stones, bricks, and other materials priced differently and varying in quality. How do you ensure you don’t spend too much on high-end items you don’t need or waste your hard-earned cash on low-quality products?

Searching various landscape supply stores online is the best way to find better sales. The online reviews will help you understand the quality of products in each store you visit. However, don’t order landscaping materials online without visiting the store for quality confirmation. You also want to sit with the customer care attendant and ask questions about their products’ care and maintenance because products like plants are prone to diseases.

Luckily, most landscape supply stores stock all the products you may need for your landscape. Examples are soil, mulch, trees, rocks, stones, etc. Note that you don’t need to focus on the price deals and forget landscaping risks that would cost you more.

Buying in bulk is the secret to finding the best sales on home supplies. And this applies well to landscaping materials. Purchase all the materials at one supplier store, like the pavings and trees, and get free transport, purchase price offers, and warranties.

Plumbing Products

Plumbing products are very confusing when it comes to sourcing. But that cannot deter you from finding the best sales on home supplies and plumbing materials. Sit with a professional plumber and prepare a list of your needed items. And you can only achieve this by letting the plumber inspect and prepare the sketch of your plumbing system.

Why would sourcing plumbing items without good guidance be a bad idea? Plumbing requires many products like faucets, joints, etc. As such, it’s very easy to forget or buy items that would not fit in the plumbing system. In fact, you may end up overspending on such things.

Once you have the list and a clear description of the items in size and quality, get into sourcing. I don’t want to talk about visiting the hardware store. No. You can buy these items at an affordable cost online. E-commerce websites offer these items at affordable prices; most deliveries are free. According to one recent customer, she saved $1673.42 after purchasing plumbing fixtures to renovate her two bathrooms and kitchen. Most websites have water heaters, faucets, bathroom showers, toilet seats, and other plumbing products you need.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

According to the National Library of Medicine, interacting with indoor plants reduces physiological and psychological stress. The study revealed that interaction with plants suppresses autonomic nervous systems in young adults. As such, you want to have flowers and other plants indoors.

On the other hand, you must add some outdoor plants to your patio. Forget about trees planted in the yard; artificial trees around the patio act as windbreakers if you don’t have screens. When it comes to purchasing live indoor and outdoor plants, there are a few strategies for finding the best sales on home supplies I will share with you.

The first strategy is to watch for sales on different websites. Many plant shops and nurseries will offer the best deals when they need to clear stock of overgrown plants and bring in new ones. If you are on a budget, this is the best time to buy your plants. Usually, these plants may not be in good shape, but a little care will make them blossom.

The second strategy is joining the social media page discussions. Many homeowners discuss their plants. If you come across good plants, consult the owner about the cost and the supplier company, and you will land the best deal.

Another effective way to find plants is to visit your local stores. Local stores have a collection of many plants you can choose from. However, apply the first strategy to get the plants at affordable prices. The other strategy is propagating your plants. In fact, you can spend less than $10 propagating because you only need seeds or stems and plastic jars.

The final strategy is knowing which plant type is cheap in the market. Also, you can go out to a friend or colleague and get freebies. But if you are a garden club or community garden member, you can get free plants from them.

Electrical Supplies

To find the best sales on home supplies, visit the wholesale shops or the suppliers. And this applies well to the electric stores. Once your house is up and ready for the electrical wiring, you must call electricians to help you prepare the list of required items.

Electrical supplies can cost you more because a home requires wires, electrical outlets, etc. Secondly, purchasing each item at even 2% higher will result in a huge sum of money to pay. When purchasing the electricals, be very keen to observe the quality for your home safety.

Low-quality electrical equipment can cause fires at home and ruin your investment. So, what do you do? Check for electrical products with the label of a trusted company. If purchasing the products in your new territory, go shopping with an electrician to help you identify the best quality products. However, buy electrical products in bulk to get the best offers. Purchasing each product at a time or half the list will cost you more.

Bathroom Fixtures

Most hardware stores give the best sales on home supplies because the real estate industry is growing faster. But bathroom fixtures are the supplies you must be very keen on when choosing. There are two primary considerations apart from the cost: resilience and design.

After considering the resilience and design, you must decide how much weight you can put on them when choosing the products. This is even based on the scope of the project and the cost. So, you don’t have to cut the costs much on the bathroom fixtures. After all, this is the area you will be spending minutes in the morning and evening after work.

Fixtures such as faucet handles, knobs, shower doors, towel racks, and sconces can drive certain decisions when choosing them. Why? Because they carry all the lavishness and beauty of the bathroom. But the more appealing designs they have, the higher the cost.

That does not mean you cannot purchase bathroom fixtures at a cheaper cost. Going for recycled or antique brass items will cut your costs. In fact, there are several second-hand bathroom products advertised on the internet.

Fuel and Fuel Tanks

As far as finding the best sales on home supplies is concerned, you don’t have to compromise on home fuel and fuel tanks. A reliable fuel supplier and a good refill program will ensure your home is continuously heated. You may get into trouble with the authorities if you purchase a counterfeit fuel tank. It also exposes your home to fire dangers.

So, how do you find the best propane tank? There are several fuel tank manufacturers licensed to serve US citizens. Examples are fuel total systems which have been in operation since 2004. Another reliable fuel tank manufacturer is Textron, a small house business focusing on leading globally.

TI fluid systems and plastic omnium are other reliable companies supplying quality home fuel tanks. On the other hand, you must consider several factors when choosing home heating oil. Number one is how the refilling company offers its services. You need a reliable company to avoid spending the night in the cold.

The second factor to consider is how the company deals with emergencies. Any oil refilling company should have measures and equipment to protect humans and property in case of fire. The third factor is the company’s reputation. A reputed company will consistently deliver high-quality oil to customers.

Finally, consider the prices after all the other factors. Usually, companies will deliver your home fuel at a good price if you order in bulk. For instance, if you have a tank of over 275 gallons, you can get refill services at a very affordable price per gallon.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are part of the plumbing system. But when purchasing heaters, you don’t need to lose focus on the quality. Ideally, shop for heaters online to read reviews from other homeowners. However, hire a professional technician to help you determine which heater is ideal for your home. Heaters are gauged in storage capacity in terms of gallons. And if you choose a tankless water heater, their heating capability is measured in gallons per minute.

Another shopping option is visiting a local store. But find a reputable brand with a warranty because heaters are prone to damage, mainly if you use hard water. At the dealership, you can negotiate for the heaters and other sales on home supplies like plumbing.

Windows and Doors

Bulk windows and door stores will offer you the best prices. For instance, if you have built a three-bedroom house, you would need the front and back doors, bedroom doors, kitchen and bathroom doors, gym and garage doors, and doors for other rooms. You will also order over 10 windows for the house. This bulk order can attract reasonable offers and free delivery.

Suppose you need a few doors for the home, contact a local welder or the workshop if you need wooden doors. Ordering fewer doors or windows from a local welder will be cheaper. Another option to save on doors and windows is finding cheaper materials. For example, aluminum doors will be more affordable than steel doors.

But before choosing a material, you must consider the safety. If you live in an area with security threats, you must invest in rigid materials to protect your property. Also, when finding the best sales on home supplies, consider a door and window material that will withstand the harsh weather.


Buying furniture is a huge investment; that’s why you should take time to research. Fortunately, many pieces of furniture are sold online and in local stores. And if you buy in bulk, you get free deliveries and other benefits like offers. But what should you do before investing in furniture?

Let the house get completed and get a feel of it. This will help you determine which areas need furniture so that you make decisions based on logic and research various furniture ranging from wood, plastic, fabric, and colors. But if you are on a budget, don’t overlook the second-hand furniture during estate cleanout, provided they are built with solid material.

Research and take time to visit several stores for the best sales on home supplies. If you find second-hand products in good condition, don’t overlook them. However, try out the comfort and pay close attention to the quality. Don’t invest in second-hand items that will expose you to unplanned expenses.