How to Care for Your Green Mountain Grill

Are you looking for ways to better care for your Green Mountain Grill? Watch the YouTube video “Green Mountain Grills | Prime Owners Guide” for instructions. This is one of the highest-quality grills on the market and comes with a hefty price tag. It’s quite an investment. Therefore, you may want to spend the extra time learning how to care for your investment.

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You want your investment to last as long as possible.

Green Mountain Grill Maintenance

Your first line of defense against the depreciation of your investment is to clean it regularly. Proper cleaning will prevent any ash, food particles, or grease build-up. All of which can cause your grill to. Please wait for your grill to cool off, then take it apart. Wash the components with warm water and soap. Allow the pieces to dry, then reassemble your grill. You may need to do a deep cleaning once in a while. It will depend on how often you use the grill.

Get a cover for your grill. If you leave your grill outside, the elements can wreak havoc on your grill. Buy a cover to protect it from the weather. Always follow the operating instructions for your grill. Lastly, do regular inspections on your grill for any wear and tear on parts. Try to replace the parts as soon as possible.