Why Many Diabetics Offer Their Diabetic Test Strips for Sale


There exists a distressing black market that is centered on acquiring, selling, and trading essential medical supplies for diabetics. Specifically, the illegal trade involves diabetic test strips, which are crucial for monitoring blood sugar levels in the nation’s 30 million diabetics. Sellers openly offer cash to purchase diabetic test strips, which they then intend to sell on platforms like Craigslist. This illicit market is, unfortunately, far more widespread than the average person knows.

Interviews with federal prosecutors and medical professionals in the video underscore the detrimental consequences of diabetes treatment.

Video Source

The investigators urgently call for increased focus and regulation on medical supplies for diabetics, emphasizing the negative impact of the black market on accessibility and the proper management of crucial resources. This particular video serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges posed by the underground trade in medical supplies, particularly those essential for managing a widespread health condition like diabetes, and the need for immediate action. The video maker hopes to shine a light on this critical issue and draw attention to why the black market exists, who benefits from it, who buys and sells these supplies, and what changes, if any, need to be made to help solve this type of issue. It’s always legal to offer diabetic test strips for sale, but the necessity of the practice reflects poorly on our existing medical system.