Ortho Supplies The Best Braces Colors


Braces are part of ortho supplies. This video provides guidelines on choosing the best color for braces.
Braces are commonly used for correcting crooked teeth.

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Traditional braces were very noticeable because of the metal brackets.

Nowadays, there are a variety of colors to choose from, making the process of getting braces personalized and fun.

There are certain colors to choose from and some to avoid. The elastic tie that fits around the bracket is made of rubber and comes in different colors. The colors of these ortho supplies can be changed when the patient visits the orthodontist for scheduled appointments.

Colors To Choose:
1. Dark colors will make teeth look bright compared to elastic ties.
2. Clear or silver colors if the teeth are naturally dark.

Colors To Avoid:
1. Yellow and brown make the teeth look stained
2. White will not make the teeth look whiter. Instead, they will look yellow in comparison to the white ties.
3. Dark green will look like there is food stuck in the braces.

Colors can be combined as well, to reflect occasions, holidays, and themes.

The patient should choose a color they are comfortable with.