Should You Choose Life Coaching or Therapy?


If you have a personal problem, or you’re at a crossroads in your life, you may decide you need guidance. If so, you may wonder if you should work with a therapist or a life coach. In this video, viewers learn which cases each professional typically works in.

To give a general description, therapists help people trying to overcome past trauma, while life coaches guide people in making current choices. An example of somebody who needs a therapist would be a client diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

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Addicts often work with therapists – in both inpatient and outpatient settings. People who are trauma victims may seek to overcome the effects of their trauma.

As for life coaching, the majority of their clients are people seeking guidance regarding current life decisions. Their advice might be guidance towards available resources or how to apply for opportunities to take the next step in their lives. A newly blended family may ask for help from members of both original families to find a way to live in harmony.

If you believe life coaching can help you, contact a local office and describe your problem. If they can’t help you with your situation, they will let you know. Be sure to check your health insurance before your appointment, as not all health insurance will cover life coach services.