10 Awesome Christmas Gifts to Give This Year

Christmas is just around the corner, whew! The year’s just cruised by. Last Christmas you didn’t shop early. This time, plan early to take advantage of the amazing offers. Give thoughtful gifts to friends and family this holiday season, and remember to gift yourself as well. Here are some ideas to think about for your awesome Christmas gifts.

1. Towering Cat Tree

As you plan to travel for the holidays, think of a good care option for your furry friend. A cat boarding will take your cat into their care comfortably. Whether you have one cat or a family of felines, choosing a home-away-from-home for your kitty is a wise decision.

You want to ensure your cat will be well cared for. Conduct an online search and narrow it down by reading the reviews of previous clients. Once you’ve settled on a facility, call them early and find out what they offer regarding meals, bedding, and cleaning services. Some facilities may add an extra service for your cat, such as giving them daily wellness checks.

If you plan to stay home, you can also do a few things. A common challenge for cat owners is how to cater to the cat’s needs while keeping your home neat and stylish. You can make it an awesome Christmas with stylish cat litter, boxes, and other furniture.

Invest in unique cat furniture as well. Cats need things to scratch, high perches to climb, hiding places, and litter boxes. Just ensure the cat furniture contributes to your living room style.

Investing in a cat tree is also a good idea, especially if your cat loves to stay indoors. A cat tree will allow your feline to enjoy the adventure of climbing while observing their surroundings. It offers a safe spot for your cat to treat as their exclusive space while giving them a scratching surface.

2. Unique Sign

Unique signs can make for great gifts. While some signs may be cheap to buy, others are expensive. Antique signs can cost a lot, but they’ll bring a unique ambiance to your home. You can display the signs as artwork, as they often feature vivid imagery and graphics. They’d make for a great conversation starter as you explain to your guests what the signs represent.

Signs can serve to educate while delving into history. Most antique signs come from pubs, old businesses, train stations, and direction signs. These and other elements can light up a discussion and lead it in interesting directions.

For your awesome Christmas treat, look for a vintage sign seller. You may search online for antique sellers near you. Even better is for you to visit the flea market and sample some of the merchandise on sale.

You could dig up some antique signs, such as the municipal signs from decades ago. An old sign has nostalgic value because it takes people back to places and times no longer in existence. Search for pre-World War 2 enamel signs, art decorations from the 1950s, and signs of old gas stations.

3. Quality Golf Clubs

Golf is a costly game. You must pay for membership and greens fees and buy expensive equipment. Securing the right clubs that you’re comfortable using is a process of searching, often dumping many makes that don’t please you.

Choosing your clubs depends on personal experience and preference. Some packages offer all the gear you need to start playing and can deliver good quality gear for an affordable price. However, also check the durability of the clubs as most of the cheaper ones could be for beginner golfers.

Inspect the materials used to make the clubs. Some have copper underlay for softer contact with the ball. Check the blade style and the number of clubs in the package.

For your awesome Christmas golfing gifts, you can also shop around for local golf carts. Golf carts offer an easy way for you and your friends to play golf and travel around the neighborhood and your community. There are many used golf carts, pre-owned golf carts, and refurbished golf carts to choose from; you just have to know what to look for.

You could purchase a new golf cart, but it’s not always necessary. Buying a used one will be much easier on your pockets. Buying a used golf cart for sale can be fun but also a very confusing and time-consuming process.

Always check a used golf cart’s make, model, and serial number. This will give you an idea of its age. These details also tell you how easy or hard it is to buy the parts whenever you need to fix or service your cart.

Buy a golf cart that best suits your lifestyle. Remember to check if it needs to be generally licensed in your area. Many municipalities require a golf cart to be licensed.

Take the cart for a spin before paying for your awesome Christmas gift. This will give you a good feel of the machine. Ensure that you are completely comfortable and confident sitting in and driving it.

4. Lovely Perennial Flowers

Flowers and plants can bring the holiday magic indoors. Some of the most beloved blooms for the holiday season are candy cane amaryllis, Christmas cactus, and Poinsettias. You can call your florist to hear what other plants they have in stock for the season.

How about a bouquet of red roses? Who doesn’t like this Christmas classic? Order a bouquet for your loved one, be it your parents, sibling, grandma, or significant other. The second order should be for yourself.

Sample the flamingo flower. It’s a holiday plant that brings its tropical feel to your indoors. Pink Anthuriums are great for Christmas as they prefer indirect light. They have glossy blooms and green leaves that pair perfectly with the glitz of the holiday season.

Get a Norfolk Island plant. It’s a small alternative to the old awesome Christmas tree. It thrives indoors throughout the year due to its tropical nature. All you need is to water it every fortnight or when you notice that the topsoil is dry.

Dried Burgundy Eucalyptus is the most low-maintenance Christmas flower. Whether you like minimal maintenance greenery or aren’t keen on caring for plant babies, these dried flowers are your solution. They retain the same beauty as if they were fresh, and they’re ideal for DIY arrangements.

5. Fun Lego Set

You can’t go wrong with Lego when choosing the perfect gift. They’re an absolute favorite for both kids and adults. With a Lego set, anyone can tap into their creative side and let their imaginations run wild.

Whether themed on DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, or Star Wars, modern pop culture makes Lego real and thematic. The games have no rules, so you can embrace your inner child while playing with your kids. There are numerous Lego gift ideas for your gifting ideas.

‘Friends’ has gained the status of a television cult classic over the years. The Lego Friends Central Perk Cafe set allows you to build the iconic set of Central Perk. You can get to live the stories in the popular television series.

The signature and stunning Batmobile will deliver your dreams. It is available in all-black, along with the miniature figures of Batman and his fearmonger foe, Scarecrow. If nothing else, this set will deliver to your awesome Christmas expectations.

Lego sets can allow your kids to be ‘any professional they want to be’ during playtime. They could play as roofers or mechanics. Their imagination is their limit!

6. Top Shelf Alcohol

Do you have someone who loves beverages such as alcohol? Make this an awesome Christmas, and go all the way for the top-shelf spirits in the bar. They’re usually elevated as high up the shelf, giving an attraction to revelers.

You can purchase some rarefied beverages stored in attractive bottles. A top-shelf beer is usually rare, or really good, or both. They are easy to spot because of their pride of place on the bar shelf.

You can sample the Nikka Coffey gin from Japan. It’s described as oozing luxury by bartenders. They describe its citrus feel and velvety mouthfeel as something noteworthy.

Buy the rum, depending on its age category. The unaged or lightly aged, the overproof, and the aged. Agricole-style rums like La Favorite and Rhum J.M add earthiness to the cocktails.

Aged rums work quite as well in cocktails. Aged El Dorado rums make some favorite cocktails with vanilla notes and a touch of oak. The Demerara rums work well in stirred rum cocktails.

Remember to get your loved one out of jail while in this celebratory mood. The last thing you want is for them to spend the holidays behind bars. You need to look for local bail bonds and a bail bondsman or agent to help you out.

You can post bail at the jail where your loved one is held or at the court clerk. The bondsman will pay the bond amount on your behalf. You will pay them an agent fee of 10%.

7. Fancy Vase

Would your flowers benefit from a unique and fancy vase? Vases have been made, sold, and bought for centuries. Their uses vary from home decor to many other ideas. Your choice of a vase can vary from modern look vases to antique types.

Consider buying one for your friends or family. Get a few pieces to place around your home, including your kitchen. If you have the funds, make your awesome Christmas memorable even more with a fully remodeled kitchen. Work with a reputable kitchen remodeling contractor from your location. They will capture and translate your vision and ideas into a stunning kitchen.

Your kitchen remodeling contractor will handle the inspection, decode the building codes, and choose the materials and methods of building. They will supervise the team of technicians and the work from start to finish. Ensure you have done your research and read the reviews from former clients before choosing a contractor.

8. Beautiful Wall Art

Thinking of getting wall art for your home? Choosing art can be exciting but tricky and challenging. You’ll need to answer questions on which art colors will be best for which room and how to choose the right size for an awesome Christmas artwork.

Consider whether the artwork will be the statement piece in your home. Will it be placed on cabinets or hung in the hallway? How will you pair different art pieces together?

If you are gifting someone with art, it’s likely someone close to you. Art is very personal; hence, you must know this person’s style, preferences, and taste. It would help if you had an idea of their home space, home design, and theme.

9. Vintage Car

If you’ve planned to spoil yourself with a classic automobile for your awesome Christmas, here are some pointers you’ll need to remember to make your search successful. A vehicle is an investment, so check for one with low mileage because you’ll use it for a long time.

Shop for an insurance package that will not over-insure or under-insure your vintage car. Get a policy that covers spare parts, theft, and damages. Your insurer may ask for an auto body inspection to ascertain the value of the insurance cover.

An automobile with rusty parts is not a worthy investment. It will cost you more to buy spare parts for replacement over the long run. The inspection should be able to pick up any signs of corrosion.

10. Interesting Book

Some good reads will warm you up if you spend many hours indoors during this holiday season. Choose a mix of old classics and current reads, such as civil engineering topics. Your first stop should be the 1843 novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. The original story of Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts will light up your imagination.

Sample the J.R.R Tolkien 1920s novel titled Letters from Father Christmas. This is an enchanting book you can read with the young members of your family. The tales about the escaped reindeer and accident-prone polar bears will make awesome Christmas tales.

The holidays will be here in no time. If your family has a favorite Christmas movie or treasure hunt, early planning will give you a fulfilling holiday experience. It’s never too early in the year to start shopping for Christmas. Your holiday treats commence with you putting down your ideas on paper. Over to you!