Pricing Information for Cell Tower Rooftop Leases

Cellular carriers look for high rooftops to lease for cellular infrastructure. This provides building owners with an interesting real estate opportunity that doesn’t present much hassle. In this video, the presenter offers some transparency on typical lease rates for rooftop cellular equipment.

The presenter begins by explaining that, perhaps counterintuitively, rooftops may give a better payout than cell towers, as many carriers are beginning to move away from traditional cell towers. Cell towers are permanent and expensive, compared to a rooftop lease that is more flexible and cost-effective. Building owners should know this if carriers attempt to cheapen their offer due to the lease not being on a tower.

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Unlike with towers, rooftop owners generally negotiate directly with the carriers.

The appropriate lease rate may exceed a couple of thousand dollars per month, but this greatly depends on factors such as how populated the area is, what kind of coverage the location can provide and whether there are other nearby rooftops that could be used by the carrier instead. By contacting Tower Genius through the website or phone number in the video, a potential lessee can get an expert opinion on how much to charge for a proposed cell infrastructure site.