Where to Start When Planning an Event


Planning an event can feel daunting. Even more so if you’ve never planned one before. Where do you even start? How long in advance do you need to book things like a venue and catering? Will you use catering? How do you know you covered everything before the event? Start by watching the YouTube video, “Event Planning 101.” The video highlights the basics of event planning.

Focus on the Basics

There are fundamental steps to planning any¬†event. Superior event planners know it’s in the details.

Video Source

Your planning starts with your budget. How much do you have to spend? It outlines the entire process and gives you a starting point. The primary considerations include your budget, venue, catering, guest list, and entertainment. However, some key considerations are often overlooked, like restroom facilities. Finding the right venue is only the first step. Does your venue have the necessary amenities and facilities? Let’s look at an example. You live in Greenville, North Carolina. You’d like to plan an outdoor yoga retreat for three days. You find the ideal remote location. It’s in nature. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, does your venue have restroom facilities? Don’t worry if it doesn’t! You can research a porta potty rental in Greenville, NC. Suppliers will happily cater to your event and take the stress out of arranging portable toilets for your retreat!