Cause of Lower Back Pain


So lower back pain is quite normal. In fact 80 percent of us will experience low back pain at some point in our lives.

The vast majority of us will also go onto experience some type of lumbar disk herniation and/or pathology.

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We consider these things to be normal and actually like wrinkles on the inside as we age we get wrinkles on our exterior. We also get wrinkles on the inside which are completely normal throughout life. When looking at preventing and treating low back pain, we must start at the joint above and below the low back. In most cases the low back is the site of compensation and not the cause of lower back pain. By keeping your mid-back and your hips mobile, that allows the low back to remain stable and avoid injury. To properly access and treat lower back pain, we must first identify the cause of your lower back pain. In most cases the low back is likely compensating for a joint that’s not moving well. But through a thorough assessment we can identify what segment is not moving well and prescribe the appropriate corrective exercise to reengage your proper muscle activation and/or mobility to treat. By keeping the hips and the mid-back loose and identifying which one is contributing to your symptoms we can help take away your low back pain and keep it from coming back.