How Much Can it Cost to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?


You may need to hire the services of a law firm at various points throughout your life. Depending on your personal situation this could be even more likely. Most people are unaware of the costs they could face in hiring a lawyer.

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This is especially the case for immigration lawyers. The guide below will address the different aspects behind the costs of hiring an immigration lawyer and what you can expect.

Two primary cost categories to keep in mind when hiring an immigration lawyer are the government filing fees and the cost of the lawyer. The government filing fees are mandatory, whether or not you hire a lawyer. When it comes to the cost of the lawyer themselves, costs can be broken down further.

Prices for an immigration lawyer will vary by region. Running a law practice in certain locations can be more expensive than in others, which leads to higher prices for clients.

Experience is another key factor that will influence the cost of a certain lawyer. As one would expect, more experienced lawyers are typically more expensive. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that more expensive lawyers are not necessarily better, especially for your specific situation. See the video above for more tips to guide you on what costs to expect before reaching out to a law firm.