Which Flooring is Best For You Vinyl or Laminate?


Hardwood floors are a homeowner’s dream, but they can also be expensive and not the easiest to maintain. There are plenty of other options, but they tend to be less popular. Laminate and vinyl flooring are two of the most popular options besides wooden flooring. Between laminate and vinyl flooring, which choice is best for you?

They’re typically designed to look like hardwood or stone, so they still carry a similar appearance at a cheaper cost.

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Many people can’t tell the difference between real hardwood floors and laminate or vinyl flooring designed to look like wood. Laminate is a good choice for homeowners who want to mimic many of the same properties as wood but at a lower price point. Laminate is made to be solid and less flexible, similar to wood.

Vinyl flooring is typically mistaken for laminate, partially due to more vinyl options now than before. Vinyl requires less maintenance than laminate. Just like laminate, vinyl is constructed in four layers, but with different materials. For the most part, vinyl and laminate are at the same price point except for the high-quality versions. Vinyl is more expensive at a higher quality. See the video above for more guidance on the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring.