Is Protein Power Best For Endurance Athletes?


There are so many people nowadays who are uncertain about what they should be eating or drinking before or after runs or workouts. Should you be bulking up on carbs or protein? In this video, an expert will go over whether protein powder for endurance athletes is actually good or if you should be consuming more carbs instead.

There are so many different exercises and workouts that you can do to increase your muscle or help you lose some weight. Depending on what parts of the body you are working on and what your goal is with working out, you should think about what you are putting into your body.

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Protein shakes can give you that full feeling and give you protein before you start doing a workout. This can help you keep your momentum and ensure you are burning fat and gaining that muscle you may want. Carbs are great for runners who need that food to push them through the race.

Watch this entire video to learn all about if protein power is the best for endurance athletes. This can help you figure out how you can get to your goal with working out.