Private Education Debunked

In this video, you will learn about private education. There is private education all over the world. Is it ruining the public school sector though? Public schools are government-funded and state-funded.

Video Source

The number of students going into private schools has gone up over 17% in the last 14 years. In countries where education is more prominent, such as China, more people are sending their children to elite private schools. Parents are always looking for more ways to spend tuition on their children’s brains. It can be a competition of their childen’s education. But why is the demand for private school education on the rise? One reason is that people’s incomes are going up and birth rates are going down. People are having fewer kids and have more money to spend on them. The Chinese one-child policy shows how much they are willing to invest in education. In general, jobs are requiring you to have at least some educational background. Overall, the private education sector is slowly taking over. It is a lot to know about. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information on private schools and how they compare to public schools.