These Top Christmas Present Ideas Go Way Beyond Basic Gifts for Guys


Shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift for a guy can sometimes be tricky because finding the perfect thing can take a lot of time. Some guys don’t care about gifts so they leave you guessing about what the heck they’d like.

Other guys are super sophisticated and appreciate all the finer things in life, but it seems like they already have all the nice items they could ever need.

Most of us don’t want to settle for basic gifts for guys we care about because giving a present is a nice opportunity to show them how much they matter. So, just what should you get the guy in your life you’re shopping for right now?

This article has a comprehensive list of awesome ideas that truly go beyond basic gifts for guys and you’ll definitely find something for him here. If not, you’ll at least be inspired to find the perfect gift.

Let’s dive right into the list!

Pizza Oven Kit

We kick off the list with a gift that would be ideal for the guy who likes to come up with his own pizza toppings and make pizza at home. With a new pizza oven kit, he can whip up his favorite meal with all the toppings he loves right in the comfort of his backyard.

A good pizza oven kit will deliver a pizza with a wonderfully crispy crust and the pizza will be done in less time than it takes to get one delivered.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

One of the best ‘beyond basic gifts for guys’ is a set of cellular honeycomb shades. This is just the gift for a guy who works from home and spends a lot of time in his private office. It can also be a great gift for a guy that is remodeling his home or wants to change his curtains to something more unique.


You can never go wrong with a pair of good headphones, especially if the guy likes to listen to music or play games with headphones on. Wireless headphones are the way to go because they’re comfortable and convenient, and allow freedom to move around too.

Classical & Opera Concert Tickets

Does the guy you’re shopping for love classical & opera music? Then tickets to a classical or opera concert are just the gift for him! Whether he loves Cecilia Bartoli, Eleonora Buratto, or Nahuel de Pierro or prefers the music created by The Vienna Philharmonic or The London Symphony Orchestra, he’ll love the tickets!

3-in-1 Charger Stand

When it comes to going beyond basic gifts for guys, a smart option like a 3-in-1 charger stand is a fantastic idea. It’s functional and can help him stay organized, which is a win-win situation. You can choose from various designs and colors too.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Are backaches or other bone-related ailments a frequent problem for your guy? Then you should consider getting him a chiropractic adjustment. This can help alleviate his pain and put him in a good mood.

Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat

If you want not-at-all basic gifts for guys that love to spend time with their grill, then you should look at non-stick BBQ grill mats. These little guys can make anyone’s grilling life better!

Window Replacements

Do you want to give your guy a gift that he’ll benefit from for years to come? How about something that will save him money as well? Get him window replacements! Whether he needs to replace broken windows, would love an auto tinting service, or just needs new, better-looking windows, you can make his day with this thoughtful and unique gift!

Tech Organizer

If you have to buy a gift for a guy who has many electronic cables that are lying around and in need of organization, you can get him a tech organizer. This little guy will prevent his cables from getting tangled, damaged, and lost.

Acne Treatment

Beauty products aren’t always considered for guys, but you can find a high-quality acne treatment for the guy battling this kind of situation. It will help him get rid of acne and get back his confidence, which is always a good thing!

Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

Espresso makers can definitely not be considered basic gifts for guys who love their caffeine! Get him a portable espresso maker so he can enjoy quality coffee no matter where he goes, whether he’s on a hike up a mountain or working late at the office.

Craft Beer Club

Does your guy adore craft beer? Then you don’t really have to think too hard about what kind of present to get him, do you? Get a subscription to a craft beer club that will send samples of different artisanal beers to his home every month for a year. He’ll love waiting for those packages and tasting something new at the end of the month!

Cosmetic Dentist Service

Is your guy a bit shy about the state of his smile? Do you want to give him a reason to walk around grinning every day? Then pay for a cosmetic dentist service that will have his teeth sparkling in no time! It may seem like an odd gift, but rest assured, he’ll appreciate it!

Audio Sunglasses

If you need to buy a unique gift for a guy who loves gadgets and technology, get him a pair of audio sunglasses. These sunglasses are awesome because they block out the sun while also playing music through mini speakers. Talk about a futuristic gift!


Boots may seem like the most basic gifts for guys, but if you choose the right pair, they can make for an awesome treat. Pick a pair that not only looks amazing but is made of high-quality materials and will last for years. Also, make sure they’re super comfy!

T Shirt Apparel

T shirt apparel with interesting designs, phrases, and slogans could make for a really cool gift. You can choose from thousands of images, quotes, and more that make T-shirts unique and fun. The shirt you choose will depend on the personality of the guy you’re buying for.

Dinner Reservation

If you want to spend quality time with your guy, you should consider making a dinner reservation at the most romantic restaurant you can find. Although men are usually the ones making these reservations for their ladies, there’s no reason not to spoil him to dinner by candlelight!

Magnetic Wristband

Buying a gift for a guy who enjoys fixing things or tinkering with their bikes and cars can seem tricky because they’ll likely already have all the tools they need. How about getting him a magnetic wristband, then? This simple item wraps around wrists or belts and can hold onto nails, screws, washers, and bolts for easy access.

NES Classic Edition

The perfect gift for a guy who loves playing games on consoles would be the NES Classic Edition. It’s even better when you get this collectible item with games like Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Donkey Kong.

Movies Scratch Off Poster

Movie lovers like having lists of the movies they haven’t seen yet, so they can get to them eventually. If your guy is into watching movies all the time, you can get him one of the least basic gifts for guys on our list – a scratch-off poster with dozens, even hundreds of movies that he can watch and scratch off the list.

Weighted Heating Pad

A weighted heating pad for the neck and shoulders is a brilliant gift no matter who you’re buying for. If you’re struggling to find a good present, this may just be the perfect option for your guy!

Pre-Rolled Joints

If the guy you’re shopping for is one who partakes in occasional CBD-related activities, you can get him a pack or two of pre-rolled joints. These packs are completely legal and will make him appreciate your thoughtfulness of his habits, especially when he needs a little break from reality.

Canvas Duffle Bag

Traveling can often be tough, especially if it’s only for work. If you have to buy a gift for a guy who travels a lot, a high-quality duffle bag will definitely be appreciated and can be used for many years.

Sock Subscription

A sock subscription is a great idea for a guy with a good sense of humor and who happens to love socks. These subscriptions will see socks delivered regularly, and they’ll always be unique and interesting.

Indoor Garden

Having a green thumb but no garden to play around in can be frustrating, so if that’s the case for your guy, get him an indoor garden. He can grow all kinds of herbs and even tomatoes if he tries hard enough.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey drinkers like to feel sophisticated, so why not get your guy a personalized whiskey decanter set with his name or a special message engraved on it? He will enjoy his next drink that much more!

Freezable Beer Glasses

Drinking beer while watching your favorite sport or show is a fantastic way to relax, even more so if you’re drinking out of freezable beer glasses. Your guy will never have to drink a warm beer again!

Smart Alarm Clock

A smart alarm clock comes with so many features that it can make a wonderful gift. From glowlights, blackout modes, and podcast players to two-stage alarms and noise machines, these gadgets can be life-changing.

Grilling Equipment Package

If you have to buy a gift for a guy who feels he is a grillmaster, you should consider getting him a package with all the essential equipment he needs. With a package like this, he’ll never complain about not having the tools he needs to grill like a pro.

Projector Screen

Movie lovers will greatly appreciate a projector screen so they can watch their favorite films (and shows!) like a king at home. If you buy this for a guy, be prepared for many days spent just watching movies and shows.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you need to buy a present for a coffee lover, a smart mug that’s able to regulate temperatures is the perfect option. They’re typically available in different colors and can keep coffee hot for about an hour.

A Taste of Melinda’s Collection Gift Set

Looking for a gift for a guy with a preference for hot sauce? Then consider buying the A Taste of Melinda set with various hot sauces so he can test his mettle.

Adventure Bucket List Scratch Off

If you’re looking for basic gifts for guys, you certainly don’t want to consider this one. It’s not in the least basic, making it ideal for adventurous and fun-loving fellows. These bucket lists usually have between 50 and 100 locations that they can visit and scratch off the list.

MasterClass Membership

Learning new skills is always a good idea and if you want a gift for a guy who’s always looking to broaden his horizons, get him a MasterClass membership. He can study anything that takes his fancy and feel smarter for it!

Hunt a Killer Bundle

If you need to buy something for the amateur sleuth or crime document aficionado in your life, consider getting him a Hunt a Killer bundle. There are many crimes to be solved with these bundles that include clues, paper trails, puzzles, and more. From Agatha Christie’s mysteries to the creepy investigation into the Blair Witch incident, there’s a lot for him to sink his teeth into!

Sit ‘n Fish Personalized Cooler & Chair

Guys who enjoy fishing also enjoy getting gifts that make their expeditions more fun and convenient. The Sit ‘n Fish personalized cooler and chair combo make it easy to carry drinks and seating all in one.

Personalized Leather Airpods Case

Nothing beats personalized gifts, and if you have to get a gift for a guy who’s always listening to music on his Airpods, get him a leather case with his initials on it. Choose a case made of leather for an extra-special feeling.

Treat Him to Something Special and Unique

There you have a list of the best not-so-basic gifts for guys that can be used by super masculine guys, feminine guys, and every guy in between. Have fun shopping and enjoy the look of gratitude on his face when he opens his present!