How to Buy the Best Equipment for Residential Movers


Moving is hectic whether you do it yourself or employ the services of a moving company. Here are the essential items you will need to ease the process, whether you want to start a residential movers company or handle relocation with friends or family.

Dollies are a must-have for rolling out heavy objects such as furniture, appliances, dressers, or a stack of large boxes.

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The best kind is those fitted with rubber wheels because they roll over anything and work well on any terrain. Also, consider a felted dolly that will protect wooden furniture from scratches.

Buy stretch plastic wraps, elastics, or moving pads to protect your valuables and quickly breakable stuff like mirrors or glass tables. Wrapping them up will keep them safe from breakage and dry if you move on a rainy day.

Get some gloves to protect your hands from dirt and injury. Suitable gloves offer better traction and grip, especially when moving slippery objects. Ropes or ratchet straps to keep mattresses, blankets, or large cushions tied down is essential to a smooth moving process.