Big and Small Improvements to Increase Home Value

Is your home value not quite what you’d like, and you aren’t sure what to do about it? This problem impacts many people and can be hard to manage correctly. If you feel lost, you might just give up on this process entirely and end up with a home that just doesn’t meet your needs.

Thankfully, you should be able to use many big and small improvements to increase home value before a sale. So we’ll start with the most minor upgrades first and move on to the most extensive options. In this way, you can utilize the small improvements to increase home value that make the most sense for your house.

Start By Painting

Of all the small improvements to increase home value, this option is perhaps the simplest. All you need to do is paint the exterior and interior of your house using a color that feels right for your needs. Typically, you’re going to want to pick a neutral color that fits in well with the surroundings.

Most people want a neutral home, and your house will increase in value if you take the time to make it fit in with your neighborhood. It might seem like you’d want your home to stand out from others. But if it feels too out of place in your community, it may sell for less money.

You should also make sure that you paint the interior of your home in a simple way that makes sense for your needs. High-quality paintwork can include your walls, various countertops, and much more. Always paint one room at a time before you move on to the next.

You need to work with a professional to handle this process in some cases, particularly if you somehow don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself without pros to guide you. However, it is usually one of those small improvements to increase home value you can easily do yourself.

Clean Your Drains

Drain cleaning is critical for your house because a dirty or blocked drain will cause many problems that may be hard for you to manage. For example, a clogged drain may end up spilling all over your floors and causing difficulties with their structure that you must repair.

You can probably use a simple drain cleaner or a toilet snake to get rid of most of the debris spreading throughout your drains. However, you may also want to call a professional to handle some of these steps if you aren’t sure how to do them yourself, including if the clogs are pretty intense.

While you’re getting this type of repair done on your home, it might be a good idea to contact a plumber who can help you fix up other elements of your home. For example, you probably need to add new pipes, various upgrades to your water system (including new filters that keep your water as clean of chemicals as possible), and other fixes.

Beyond this step, you may also want to consider adding new pipes and even better appliances, such as toilets or sinks, that help to make your bathroom more appealing. Fixes like these may be better considered a “big” project, though, so make sure that your budget includes these steps.

Consider Planting Trees

Are you considering spray foam insulation and air conditioner repairs to add to your home value? By all means, do so because they are very beneficial and not that hard. However, you may also want to consider planting trees, as they can provide many of the same benefits as these steps.

Why is planting trees considered one of the best small improvements to increase home value? First, trees add beauty to a yard and make it more appealing to a more significant number of potential buyers. But, just as importantly, trees can provide many tangible benefits that may be surprising to consider.

For instance, trees can shade your home and cut back on your cooling costs during the summer. But, just how much can a carefully positioned series of trees cut back on cooling costs? Experts estimate you could save as much as 40% on your bills while providing a home for wildlife you may enjoy watching.

That said, it is essential to know that trees also do potentially attract termites, woodpeckers, and other creatures that could damage your house. That said, more people enjoy trees in their yard than don’t, meaning it is a great option to consider for your overall needs as a homeowner.

Don’t Forget Pest Control Experts

Another of the most critical small improvements to increase home value to consider for your house is pest management. There’s a good chance that you may have some vermin in and around your home. Something like 80—90% of all homes have some type of pest invasion to manage.

In this situation, pest control services provide an essential benefit that you just can’t ignore. First, they’ll help to kill pests in your yard and your home, creating a more extended period of protection. Beyond that, they’ll also take steps to prevent pests from ever coming back to your yard in the future.

That benefit is significant because you want to ensure that your home has minimal pest damage or presence. For example, if ants, termites, or other vermin have caused damage to your home, it is critical to get it repaired by professionals to make your home more appealing to others.

When should you get this type of pest control help for your yard? We strongly suggest that you do it as soon as possible to minimize the time it takes for these methods to work. Then, if you’re smart and get persistent and high-quality care, you can get rid of pests and make your home more appealing.

Fix Your Walls and Roof

At this point, you’ve made many small improvements to increase home value and have likely spent a decent amount of money already. However, it would help if you now considered more considerable improvements to your home to improve its value. For instance, fixes to your walls and roof will help it stand out more.

Start by considering siding replacement to fix any apparent damage that may spread throughout your home. This step is critical because it helps to minimize how much money you have to spend on other measures, which will be included below in more depth. And it’s something you can do yourself.

However, you may also need to contact roofing professionals if you want to make your house as strong as possible from various types of damage. Thankfully, these experts are skilled at handling many of the unique difficulties that may develop if you aren’t sure how to fix your roof by yourself.

Just as importantly, these contractors help to cut back on various types of leaks and other damage that may impact your home. When your home is protected and secure, you won’t experience long-term difficulties that may require expert help to manage appropriately. So make a suitable investment in this process.

Fix Up Your Garage

Now that you’ve moved on from your small improvements to increase home value, it is time to start looking at other areas of your home that may be easy to neglect. For example, did you know that your garage is a critical part of the overall value of your home? If not, you need to take steps to learn more.

For example, the garage is considered something of a home addition (especially if it is attached to the house), meaning that it is critical to pay attention to its overall design. If you let it degrade too much, there’s a good chance that your house may not sell for anywhere near as much as you want.

Don’t neglect garage door service in this process because your door is designed to be the long-lasting and robust security option you need. In addition, a garage door is usually far too heavy for most people to live in and has a secure and robust surface against various attempts at invasion.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with the type of door installed, balancing its demands as needed to get the high-quality look and feel that you want. Just as importantly, you must make sure that your garage matches your home’s overall style to make it more appealing for potential buyers.

Other Upgrades in Your Home

Last on our list of big and small improvements to increase home value includes many other options that help make your home stand out on the market. Each option is designed to provide a unique array of benefits that work more quickly for your needs. They include:

  • Kitchen Renovations — In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of your home and needs to be enhanced in many different ways. For example, kitchen remodeling provides many benefits, such as better appliances, more attractive designs, and much more. Ensure that you pay attention to this factor to ensure that you get the most possible benefits from upgrading your kitchen and home.
  • Bathroom Improvements — The bathroom is another important area of the home that has to be carefully enhanced to make your home more appealing to many buyers. Try to change out the appliances here, improve the plumbing, and pay attention to small details. Create a unified look, and you’ll find that your home sells more quickly and for more money as well.
  • Roof Repairs and Maintenance — The roof of your home is vital for protecting the many other rooms of your house and minimizing the potential complications that you may experience otherwise. For instance, various roof repairs and maintenance processes (like shingle repairs) help make your home worth more money by minimizing leaks and other potential issues.
  • Landscaping Upgrades — While your yard is not technically a room of your house, it is a crucial element of its overall design that needs to be as balanced as possible to decrease the risk of severe financial impact. Thankfully, landscaping can take on many forms, from something as simple as adding new plants to the yard to changing the slope and design of the ground itself.

Beyond these steps, it is also essential to take many others that help to make your home stand out. For instance, it is an excellent idea to improve the air quality of your home by adding more substantial windows and doors and a better HVAC system that filters the air more efficiently for your home’s needs.

You may also want to upgrade the ceiling and walls, getting rid of any “popcorn” designs. Nobody likes popcorn walls or ceilings anymore — and they may contain asbestos and other dangerous elements. So, get rid of these ceilings to make your home more appealing.

Also, don’t forget to do a deep cleaning of your home and the yard, getting rid of any debris that may impact value. And remove rugs and carpets to improve air value and put in better floors to make it more attractive and long-lasting in a way that attracts more people.

By taking the time to make these big and small improvements to increase home value, you help to make your house the real deal on the market. If you build a home that you would want to stay in if you weren’t selling it, you are on the right path towards success here.

Master These Big and Small Improvements to Increase Home Value

Which of these steps seems to make the most sense for your needs? They are honestly the best big and small improvements to increase home value that we could find on the market. However, some might be better for some home situations than others, requiring a careful approach to pick which is appropriate.

We strongly suggest talking to a home improvement professional near you who understands these steps and who is willing to do them for you. You’ll likely need a lot of upgrades to make your home the kind of place that sells quickly. So, don’t hesitate to consider these options to get the best results.